Friday, July 17, 2009

CoDV: My Little Fantasy World

My blog looked lonely, & Anonymouse has gone on an Bloggerific spree :P
So I got into a bloggerific mood... but without much of a topic. :(

So, I shall tell you about CoDV, my latest little adventure.
Well, it's not an adventure, per se, but it is important to me. This maybe the first time I've ever really concentrated on a big project, & the first time I'll actually complete it.
Sad, isnt it? In all my x years of life, this is the one thing I'll actually finish writing.

Okay, so what IS CoDV, you're probably thinking. It's this story im writing, a fanfic really.
Okay, dont laugh at the plot. This is only a small builiding block in my writing career, & its mainly a inside thing with my friends.
Its a fanfic about a fanfic about Harry Potter. :P
Okay I said it. :P
But the original fanfic about Harry Potter (dont sue me for mentioning it, JKR) is written by this brilliant author named Cassandra Clare. She's BRILLIANT. Honestly, her now very famous fanfics (entitled: Draco Dormiens, Draco Sinister & Draco Veritas) is an absolute mindfuck, in the best way possible. It makes you feel like CC is not just another writer, but a deity of sorts.

Anyway, back to the point. It's mostly about Draco Malfoy, & his life on the good side (I know, I kn0ow. He's supposed to be evil & all. & he STILL IS. Just on the good side. He's still ill-tempered, sarcastic, infuriating. Just unbelievable awesome at the same time).
Well, of COURSE the other main character is Harry, Hermy, Ron, Ginny & the rest of the HP brood.
But this is NOTHING LIKE JK's stuff. This IS magic, in writing.
I mean, dont get me wrong! JK is a GENIUS & the entire world should be indebted to her & her incredible-ness.
But CC puts this whole new twist to things. Nothing is what you think it is.

So, its a Trilogy, the Draco Trilogy. & it will forever remain the best thing i have ever read.
& when I get back home, I will upload it so that you guys can read it too, if you like.

but sadly, the epilogue wasnt up to the expected standards. & my friends & I were incredibly disappointed.
Then I got the brainwave to write a new continuation. The Continuation of Draco Veritas. CoDV, as I call it.
Well, basically i needed something to be fixated on. & in the Draco Trilogy, the highlight is Draco & Ginny, the most unlikely combo in the world.

So im writing a continuation.

Okay, i bet you're questioning my sanity now. I do too, daily. But this... this is just something i really feel i need to complete. I dont know why, but i know i'll never live it down if i leave it incomplete.
Besides, i'll be roadkill, courtesy of my friends & fellow Dracomaniacs.

Still in chapter 3, but im getting there :)

so now that i've bored you to tears... have a nice weekend :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chicken Soup With Noodles.

Those Chicken Soup book annoy me. They're so irritatingly soulful, & try-hard- life changing . No, I dont want to hear about the crippled boy who bought the crippled dog. Or the lady with the already-burned face who saved some kid from a fire. I'm creeped out by fairytales as it is.

Hey, here's a thought: Why isn't there a Chicken Soup book for the Sick? Aren't THEY the people who actually need the friggin' soup? Oh noooo, instead- perfectly healthy people are stealing all their soup to make soppy (or should i say- soupy?) books out of it.
Psshh. The selfishness of humanity is so sad. Over a thing like SOUP. Which most people dont even LIKE, normally.
Except when they're SICK. WHICH IS THE WHOLE POINT, INNIT?! -_-

Haha, & what about the vegetarians? You cant have a Chicken Soup for Vegetarians, now can you? So what, Vegetable Soup for Vegetarians? Why has nobody written a Vegetable Soup book?! WHY?! What have you got against vegetarians, you soup-mongers?!

& what about Chicken Soup for Babies? Sure, they cant read it, but their parents can read it to them! & babies eat ONLY soup, right? (well, a LOT of soup at least). & they of all people need it to grow into strong & all-rounded individuals. Think about that, WritersOfSoup!

& personally, I think Chicken Soup sucks without noodles. WE NEED CHICKEN SOUP WITH NOODLES!

& what about Chicken Soup for Introverts, Insomniacs, Suicidal people, Emos, etc?! The people that actually need it! Broaden your minds, WritersOfSoup! Help those who need it, & NOT write some book that some fat rich dude/dudette buys as beach-reading!!

Hmm. I'm hungry now. No, really.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Notes On My Ceiling

One of them reminds me to finish writing my story. One of them tells me to finish all my Business assignments. One of them tells me not to mope about *insert Guy X's name here* so much. One of them tells me to clean my Converse. Everyday things.
And so on.

I actually find these notes very useful. You see, I have the memory capacity of a goldfish, so I need constant reminding about things.
& it fits that I have reminders above the place I spend the most time in.

But it's not just the notes that keep me sane or organized. It's the people in my life too.
They're the ones who remind me about the other things in life, besides chores.
Like.. my mom, who wakes me in the morning because im too lazy to do it myself, my friend who reminds me everyday that whenever im free, i have to write my story because she finds it so fascinating. My other friend, who tests my patience & social skills so much that im more pissed than grateful.

My friends, who remind me that they love me.
My family, who're always there.
My mere acquaintances, who remind me not to get personal about everything.
The people who make me mad. To remind me that im not perfect.
And so on.

You know what I think? I think people forget about these things easily, even the ones who have the memory of an elephant.

My advice? Don't. Or if you cant help it, make friends. Reconnect with old ones, your family. Anything that makes sure you have people you can trust to keep you sane.

Or else... write it on a Post-It note & stick it on your ceiling.

But if I were you, I'd stick with the people.

The Shoes Of My Dreams

I saw them at Reebok a month & a half ago, on a poster. They were like hightops crossed with boots, in a black& white cowhide print, with pink laces.
I'm in love with them.
But I've never seen them in person.
& I never will.
Because they don't exist anymore.
But it haunts me in my dreams.
I need a life.
& new dreams.

The Art Of Obnoxiousness...

... Is something many people take for granted, but aren't actually good at.
Being obnoxious IS an art, for it takes the right kind of personality to pull it off.

For example, the following (hypothetical) conversation is between Person A & a normal person:

Person A- "Do these pants make my ass look fat?!"
Normal Person- "NO! Of course not! You look GORGEOUS, as usual! Lets go grab a pizza, you red hot hottie!"
Person A- "Oh yay! NOW maybe i can get some action, ifyouknowwhatimsaying. *wink*
Normal Person- "Oh suuuure, sure" *nervous chuckle*

Now, the same question is posed to an Obnoxious Person (hypothetically):

Person A- "Do these pants make my ass look fat?!"
Obnoxious Person- "Let me put it this way- it must suck to have an ass the size of a miniature Mediterranean donkey's. I have to ask, do guys ever ask for a ride home? & by that I mean, not in your car. We should probably head to a salad bar instead of pizza now, dont you think?

Get what I mean?

Oh sure, you might say obnoxious people suck, because they hurt people's feelings, they're unnecessarily mean, etc.

No. Nuh uh. Quite the opposite.

You see, it's the normal, 'NICE' people who are at fault here, & it is THEM who should be getting yelled at. See, they're LYING to you! It's like they WANT to make you feel good about yourself when there is obviously room for improvement- & they probably even laugh at you behind your back for being so naive! You see what im sezzin'?

Whereas obnoxious people tell the truth all the time! How can you even SAY that obnoxious people are terrible? HOW?! *puppy eyes*

I digress. :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Lonely Sock

No, I'm not high. My sock is actually missing.
I've filed a missing sock report, & i've already scoured the many possible crime scenes (washing machine, clothes line, etc), but still not sign of it.
If any of you see it, inform me immediatly! Unfortunately, i dont have picture of it. You'll just have to imagine it- it's a white sock with horizontal pink stripes :$
& the matching sock refuses to come out of hiding due to depression, so I cant take a picture of it.
Cheh, these socks.

Well... the sock is not the only one who's feeling lonely.
Uh huh, yours truly is also NOT feeling the love.
Oh dont get me wrong, im not doing my emo thang anymore :D that was just bullshiite.
no, im actually feeling lonely.

& it's summer now too.

You know what THAT means..



I'm sorry, what? Oh, you disagree with me? Oh so, summer love is the best part of summerrr, nobody's lonely during summerr...

well SCREW YOU, bucko.

Because 97% of summer flings never see the dawn of December. Okay?
& this 'summer love' thing is such a hoax. You want to know why?
Here's my theory:

The pollen in the air around this time gets infected with some germ or another. Some idiot catches this germ, & falls sick. But he thinks its love sickness, directed at some random chick he hooked up with yesterday at XYZ's YayItsSummertime party. & they dont care, coz they're on vacation & its highly unlikely they'll bump into each other again
Lets hook up & be all fake-lovey dovey! Then we'll always have someone to buy us ice cream throughout the hot summer days.


If you ask me, the summer fling thing is a sad excuse to get comments on your ever-changing relationship status on Facebook.

Some might argue that summer 'love' is what makes summer magical
Thats not magic, thats just desperation.

But if you really have found your soulmate through what was meant to be just a summer fling- congratulations. You're either very good with choices, or you lucked out.
Which is faaaaiiine, both ways.

Um, before i get clobbered by some pollen-struck (haha, not love. Geddit? *goday grin*) individual/pair, i'll run away & hide under my quilt.
With a nice big cookie & a RomCom. To ward off evil pollen & depressing thoughts.

kthxbye :D

P-p-p-Poke Her Face. Please.

Be honest. Don't you all know that person, who you really really cannot stand, but they just cant take the hint?
That person who just keeps nagging and nagging, who thinks you're their best friend, how they keep bragging about their life, & you can never get a word in sideways? That you suspect they're behind some problems in your life?
Sometimes even more than one person.

No? It's just me?
Wait, that cant be.

YOU LIE. You DO know a person like that! We all do! It's 'human nature' (cliches are like a whole differant language on their own. Everybody understand them. O_o )

Anyway, I'm really not going to go into details about the person I know. (I'm a mean byotch, but not THAT mean. One person I know will probably disagree. No comment.)
But it's true. I've never been in more shit (pardon the language, i cant help it) than i have ever been in before I met Person X

So lemme share valuable advice on how to deal with such people, learned through sheer experience:

First of all, see things from their point of view. They dont know that you dont like them. To them, you're the only friend who'll listen to them. Who'll be there for them. They geniunely think you guys are friends.
& I know, you dont want to break it to them that... well, you're really not.
& whatever problems they caused, they did it unknowingly. They're probably that kind of person, the kind who has a selective memory, & who just cant help being like that.

But you've gotta let them know at some point. Maybe you'll tell them point blank. Maybe they'll FINALLY get the hint. Maybe they've known it all along, & it's finally sunk in & they're doing something about it.
Any which way it happens, it has to happen.

Which means I have to take my own advice, swallow the guilt, & just do it (grab the bull by the horns, if you will. That was for all you cliche-mongers.).
Because no-one appreciates being lied to.

I know, because I learned the hard way.

AHHH! This is so depressing. -_-
Sunday blues, man. Wut to do anei. :P