Sunday, September 21, 2008

Don't get me wrong...

...This is so not a self-help site. Honestly- I'm the one who needs help here.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wow. This is pretty addictive.

So much to say- so little words that can convey it the way I want it to.
So what should I write about? & in answer to your unasked question- Yes- I am ranting & No- I will not shut up.
So I'm going to rant about...Ranting.
Everyone does it- whether unintentionally or not. Its human nature. When we feel the need- we contract a case of verbal diarrhea & we spill our guts out about whatever subject that is at the top of our list of thoughts. Simple, no?
For the introverted species of human (like me.) this is not as easy as it sounds. We have...Issues- concerning laying our thoughts down for everyone to hear & see. As I said before- It's human nature. But even introverts have to get it out in some way or another.
Hence, the many benefits of blogging.

It is -nowadays- not just for the budding artists, authors, poets & such to express their unpublished work, or something like that. It also helps the many 'hermits' & such people in the world to get out a bit. Stretch our cramped-up, creative wings. Whatever.

In any case- My advice to all the introverts out there, nursing a pent-up urgency to share their thoughts, or in any case- Looking for a way to share their ideas against their nature...
Blog it. I'm serious. It helps a LOT. & in this way, those of you want it to remain anonymous (as many are wont to do), you can. & those of us (myself included) who have issues about public speaking, or anything to do with standing out - we can just tap it out on the keyboard & press one little button that will guarantee us peace of mind- it is possible now.

So get started. Tap out your current state of mind, whatever you have penned up & are dying to get noticed for- but are too scared to take the first steps. It's all worth it- Believe me.

Honestly, I'm feeling a lot better now. Ranting really does help.


Well...My first blog.
I'm not going to pretend that I know anything about it. I most certainly do not- & I am most certainly not one of those human word-processors who convulsively swallow up seemingly random words & spit it out in perfect order. I know many people who can- but, unfortunately, not all are blessed with this so-called 'gift of gab'.
So....blogging. So far- it just seems to me like I'm just talking to myself. Or to a wall or something. Is there really a point to this? To the above-mentioned literary connoisseurs, there is. But to the rest of us- the 'little people'? Yeah..Not so much.
So- what do the poor, normal mortals do to make up for their lack of special ability?
Bloody hell. I don't know, really. They probably just curse the lucky bastards, like I'm doing now.