Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lalala pickles.

This is so awkward.

So, er, hi. I'm pretty sure I wasn't missed, and I apologize in advance for this fairly random post.

I was actually thinking of shutting this thing down completely. But recently, and again quite randomly, I began receiving compliments on it from friends and strangers alike. So I thought, since I finally have a few minutes to breathe, I could maybe post something and see if I've still got mojo.

I kinda doubt it. You see, when you get sucked up into the world of the International Baccalaureate Diploma (aka IB, I be screwed, Worst Mistake Of My Life.)- you tend to lose track of your entire life. It's like those geniuses from Harvard, Oxford, NASA and places like that. Super brilliant when it comes to their research, but often needs assistance to walk or tie their shoelaces and stuff.

I myself haven't gotten into that phase yet, but I've been told that it's coming. And like a rat caught in the path of a subway train, I can only watch.

Already, there is so much work that I constantly look like I have conjunctivitis, what with the countless hours staring blankly and in despair at the computer screen, tearing up and frantically trying to finish the overload of assignments. It's hell. Satan must be getting quite a kick out of watching us slowly lose our sanity.

And apparently the death of our social lives doesn't apply to the problems. No matter how sucked up into the academic world you are, drama always follows. Like a leech on your sensitives.
I'm speaking out of experience here, and while I'd rather not get into that, I'd just like to make it clear that you can never escape the bastards in your life.

(btw the part about me not wanting to talk about it is all lies. I love talking about it, makes me feel slightly human again. But I'd rather not complicate the delicate balance again by posting such things on public websites. DM me? lol jk.)

Anyway, life's a bitch. And then you die. This is the kind of bleak outlook on life that IB warps you into thinking about.

Aiyo, I meant for this is to be a very short post. But I suppose talking like a normal person and not using big words in every sentence has evoked some strong feelings in me, that were born out of happier memories. Like the times when I'd stay up till 3am doing nothing. NOTHING. What bliss.

Okay, shutting up now. Anyway, I just want to say that I'm glad I'm back. And I've missed you guys terribly!
Oh, and if you could give me some topics for future posts, that would be great! I can't rack my brains anymore, it hurts physically.


PS: Check out this site: and you'll figure out why us IB-ers are usually massive freaks. :D