Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Differance Between Tomatos, Potatos... Just read it :P

- × Sαsнiпi × says:
Shuddup. I shall throw puhtayyytuhs at yuh.

[c=14][a=1][b]ĸεн-Ιsiιδυя[/b][/c][/a] | [b][c=19]Is It Any Wonder?[/c][/b] says:
puhtayyytuhs. xD

- × Sαsнiпi × says:
Does anyone actually say 'pot-ah-toes' as opposed to potatoes?
I say to-mah-to :P

[c=14][a=1][b]ĸεн-Ιsiιδυя[/b][/c][/a] | [b][c=19]Is It Any Wonder?[/c][/b] says:
Yes. o_o
They sound retarded, I swear. =/
Wait, to-mah-to? O_o
Or tuh-mah-toe"?

- × Sαsнiпi × says:
wait, lemme say it a zillions times :P

[c=14][a=1][b]ĸεн-Ιsiιδυя[/b][/c][/a] | [b][c=19]Is It Any Wonder?[/c][/b] says:
Howkay. ;P

- × Sαsнiпi × says:
To-mah-to. With less emphasis on the 'to' at the end.
Oh god, this is such a classic conversation. O_o

[c=14][a=1][b]ĸεн-Ιsiιδυя[/b][/c][/a] | [b][c=19]Is It Any Wonder?[/c][/b] says:
Hm, okay. As in "2-mah-toh?" I don't get how YOU pronounce it as! O_o I say "tuh-mah-toes". It's as easy & simple as it gets. ;P
Classic conversation indeed!

- × Sαsнiпi × says:
As in, I don't drag out the word. & yeah, '2-mah-to' it is
This should be quoted somewhere xD

Yes, we're a couple of modayas. :P Dont judge us :P

So- I hope this clears up the decade-long 'To-may-to, To-mah-to' debacle.
Potatoes, too.
I love the British & the Irish. :P

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hey you guys! Guess who finally remembered she even had a blog? ;)

Okay, in my defence- everythings been pretty hectic lately. Exams, love-life crisis, my trip to Sri Lanka & my impending trip to Italy & France etc. So HAH! I have a perfect alibi. ^^

I actually had no purpose as such in mind when I first logged in. Not writing-wise, anyway.
I logged in to become a follower of the Pocket Blog- which is Allan (creator of Pocket God)'s blog, & portal into the world of all things Pocket God.

So then it hit me- Im going to do a reveiw on Pocket God.

What is Pocket God, you ask? It's an iPhone/ iPod Touch application that you can purchase from the App Store for $0.99 (Soon to be $1.99).

What you do in Pocket God is basically be the god of these two islands which are inhabited by these cute little natives called Oogs (previously called 'pygmies', but some nutjob made a huge fuss over it & it had to be changed. Bummer).
Basically all you do is kill them in all these fantastic ways- like with lightning,a shark, hurricanes, a volcano, etc. Even a dinosaur & a vampire!
Well, you gotta feed them too. Fish & coconuts are on the menu 24/7.

There really isn't a word good enough to describe this mini-world adventure. All I can say is that it will always remain my favourite app. & I know I'm not the only person this applies to.

So if you have an iPhone or iPod Touch- I would recommend this app. It's well worth the money, & the weekly (well, not exactly 'weekly' anymore. Let's say... Frequent) updates that makes this app even more priceless.
For more information, & tons of PG news, go to

Pocket God forever!

All right, I'm off to toss a few Oogs into the volcano. Ciao, people!