Sunday, September 20, 2009

Playground Tussles to Wistful Daydreams

Warning: Mildly suggestive content/ Adult language.
That means that if you would like to remain the goody-two-shoes you are, STFU & GTFO. kthx.

Remember the little years? In middle school, where boys had cooties and the word 'sex' was a surefire giggle-inducer?

Where you show her you sorta think she's cool by pulling her ponytail and chasing her around the playground?

When you show him you sorta think he's pretty cool himself by throwing stuff at him & putting his hair into little pigtails?

When simple sentences like 'hey, let's go do that thing we're meant to do' didnt make you think "lolol kay *dirtythoughts* "?

Where water-fights & throwing paint or mud on each other was innuendo-free?

When EVERYTHING was innuendo-free?

I miss the glory days. I really do.

Now...urgh, it's messed up right? It's all a competition nowadays. Like, 'Pishhh, I've had more boyfriends than YOU', or 'OMG lololol how far have YOU gone?' or 'Dude you're SUCH a fuh-reak- bang someone already' & the like.

What? I mean, seriously? Why are they making something that is supposed to be special & exciting so... mainstream? & mundane? I will do whatever I fucking want to. I don't need to be pressured into doing something that sleazy & drastic to 'fit in with the right crowd' or 'be cool'.

& admittedly- it's hard not to give in sometimes. Like, you delude yourself into thinking that "Hmm, maybe they're right- that if all I need to do to be more of a normal/cool human being is to be shallow & insincere- then so be it."

No. Just NO.

Just THINK a minute before the pants come off, whydontcha? I'm not trying to put a damper on the frivolities (believe me, I don't do that) or anything- but you're eventually going to hit yourself on the head & be like 'stupidstupidstupid that was SUCH a mistake' or something of the sort. You've done it before, I've done it before. Everyone has.
Doesn't mean it wont be different the next time if you do the same thing. Save yourself the regret already!
But hey, that depends on opinion I suppose.

Hmm. Doesn't EVERYTHING depend on other people's opinion nowadays?
Out with originality & sincerity- In with insecurity.

-Special shoutout to Shrey... just to prove that I can indeed multitask. :D

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I'm not dead!

..Relief, no? *big goofy grin*

I actually don't have any purpose for writing this- but then again when do I ever?

Am at French class right now. Wrong time to be blogging but I've had quite enough of parler-ing & écouter-ing for one day. Three hours of not understanding jack if what's going on in class will do that to you.

Ahhh it feels good to write something other than an exam paper. Even though it has no purpose.
But I'm sick of purpose- screw purpose! Why can't I do something just because I feel like it- & NOT just do it because it might be beneficial?

I want to run around screaming as loud as I can. I want to draw. I want to dance. I want to throw my books in the air. I want to cut the CCTV camera wires (haha ;D) & I want to go absolutely mad.

Being chained to my books is like torture.

Oh crap, he's looking this way-

Yeah, I'd better get going. Oh well, back to the monotony. *deep sigh*

Monday, September 7, 2009

Love Is?

I've been tagged! :P
& meh... I'm terrible at declarations of love.
But I shall do my best.

Okay, then.

Love is...

what the shy guy tells himself when he tries to find the guts to start a conversation.

when the sweetest guy in the world spent all his money on the most beautiful necklace on me, even though I didnt deserve it. :)

When your friend sends you an anonymous rose on Valentines so that you don't feel like the loser you may be (haha)

When your mum lets you watch a Bones marathon instead of studying after a really bad day.

when Hodgins makes the words Be My Love out of sushi & phospherescent fish-bacteria for Angela.

when a friend laughs with you- not at you- when you burst into tears after watching the above-mentioned.

Spiked Coke smuggled in on your last day.

When your friends throw you a surprise party with ice cream.

When your friend gives up the swing for you when you ask.

When they try as hard as they can to keep in touch.

When they try as hard as they can to make amends when they've made a colossal mistake (not that amends were made.)

your mum. No, really.

When a guy helps out this frog who swallowed a Christmas light still alight.

When your grandma flatly refuses to accept that you don't want a birthday present :)

A big, big Nutella sandwich.

finding something dirty in the dumbest sentence & laughing like hyenas over it.

A big, big bowl of ice cream.

Breakfast in bed!

not caring about looks, talent or material things. Not caring if you swear like a sailor, have temparamental hair, laugh too much, don't fit in with the right crowd.

A big steamy mug of hot chocate with orange peel, cinnamon & marshmallows.

Sometimes overrated.




When your English teacher doesn't cut marks for spelling errors. (Not that kind of love!)

So close yet beyond my reach.

& it's an open tag :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Psychoscribbles by Me

Meh, it sure beats Math.

  • The last one isn't clear, I know. It's too light to edit too. :(
  • The guitar girl was totally drawn around the guitar, so that's why SHE looks highly retarded.
  • The group picture is an attempt at drawing my friends :P it didnt come out too bad..
  • my goth people are yucky, i know. I like his hair, the end. ^^