Thursday, January 20, 2011


Symptoms: Intense paranoia, acute discomfort in the presence of other human beings, an omnipresent sense of trepidation, etc.

Firsthand experience: "Of late, all I've wanted to do when faced with a group of people is burst into tears and run to the safety of the library. I blame it on the crippling effect of adolescent conspiracies and the not-so-discreet whispering of those who get a kick out of the misery of others."

Antisocialitis is like necrotizing fasciitis (i.e. flesh-eating disease). It eats away at you. And they both end with -itis.

Lack of trust is an obvious factor. Trust is an elusive, cheating bastard. I so badly want to kick his ass.

Totally disjointed post, I know. Just wanted to write something that wasn't about The Handmaids Tale. I so badly want to go all Terry Jones on this book.