Sunday, October 26, 2008

25 Signs That Computers & The Internet Rule Your Life

Another random list that I found while browsing the Net. Needless to say: This list accurately describes me in some way or another. I admitted it- now it's your turn! =D

  1. You can't remember the last time you wrote an entire paragraph using a pen & paper.
  2. You consider the Internet a basic utility.
  3. Between your Internet and your TV, you would rather lose your TV.
  4. Between your Internet and your phone line, you would rather lose your phone line.
  5. The Internet IS your phone line.
  6. You carry a flash drive in your purse or pocket.
  7. You carry a laptop you wherever you go-or you wish you could.
  8. You have a callous on your right wrist, where you rest your hand when you use your mouse.
  9. Your “diary” is not protected with a lock and key, but with a username and password - and it is open to be read by anybody in the world.
  10. You've joined an online forum and regularly post messages on it.
  11. You are - or have been - a member of a Yahoo group.
  12. You've watched 1,500 orange-clad prisoners dancing “Thriller” on YouTube.
  13. You know the meaning of the word “google” - and if you don't, you simply Google it.
  14. When you hear the word “spam,” you don't think of food.
  15. You've bought and sold things on eBay.
  16. You've had an online love affair.
  17. Half your friends only know you by your user-name.
  18. The other half know your real name AND your user-name.
  19. You've mastered computing the time in several different time zones because of all those online meetings you schedule with your Internet friends.
  20. You no longer buy greeting cards; you get them free online and send them through email.
  21. You no longer buy newspapers; your morning news is regularly sent to your inbox.
  22. You no longer buy calendars; you use the one in your email reader or taskbar.
  23. If your wall clock suddenly disappeared, you wouldn't miss it very much either.
  24. You don't keep pictures of your kids in your wallet, but you set them as your wallpaper and screen saver.
  25. You need a computer view your children's photos.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

67 Reasons Why It's Great To Be A Girl

Well, while I was surfing the Net (as I am prone to doing on a fairly regular basis) , I found this inspiring list & I really want to share it with all of you.
Girls- when you're feeling down, this list is sure to remind you of the "the advantages of womanhood" (quoted from my friend & fellow GA lover, Gayumi) =)
Guys....This is how much we rock. Deal with it. =P

1. You live longer.
2. You mature faster.
3. You never have to pay for a drink.
4. Doors just get opened for you everywhere you go.
5. Heavy things are for boys to take care of.
6. So are spiders.
7. You’re patient when it doesn’t work right and don’t opt to immediately throw it out the window.
8. Taking pictures has real importance… it’s a documentation of your life.
9. You can multi-task.
10. You actually listen to directions.
11. When going to a formal event, you get to wear just one article of clothing.
12. You’re supposed to have a little woman meat on your hips.
13. Johnny Depp.
14. The bed is all yours.
15. You can love and hate something at the same time.
16. You (usually) get to be on bottom.
17. You can fake it if you’re tired or bored and they’ll never know.
18. Valentine’s Day is all about you.
19. Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable” just makes you happy even if you hate the song.
20. Baking is also a stress reliever.
21. You can get a massage without a hard-on.
22. “That time of the month” is a great excuse to be a bitch for a week.
23. It’s also the best and most effective way to turn a guy down.
24. OMG shoes. (!!!!)
25. You think the idea of sack-tapping a guy is funny.
26. It’s perfectly normal to have a 2 hour conversation with your best friend.
27. In books or movies, happy endings actually make you happy.
28. You read instructions.
29. You already know you’ll be successful.
30. The current president just makes you realize women should rule the world.
31. You too get to think about sex 90% of your waking hours.
32. Clothes shopping is not just a chore.
33. Sex and the City & Grey's Anatomy.
34. You never have to worry that by just picking up something you’ll crush it.
35. If there’s a mirror, you’ll find it.
36. No one seriously questions your sexuality if you kiss the same sex.
37. Video games will forever be retarded.
38. You love miniature things, like mini gummy bears or tiny marshmallows.
39. Victoria's Secret Lip Plumper is just fun.
40. God gave you enough blood to work both.
41. Your ego isn’t the size of the US.
42. Everything you need is in your purse.
43. You take hot baths when you need to relax.
44. You’re not considered a pussy if you don’t hook up.
45. You feel totally comfortable asking for help or advice when lost or stuck.
46. They buy the condoms.
47. The Notebook.
48. You can cry your way out of a speeding ticket.
49. The thought of dinner with his family doesn’t scare you.
50. The closet is yours and yours alone.
51. The movie 300 kinda made you orgasm. Just a little. (haha.)
52. When you’re mad, they might not find out until later when it’s convenient for you to let them know.
53. Girls’ nights whomp ass over boys’ nights.
54. You never have to deal with fixing electronics or cars.
55. You’re hygienic.
56. You can dance with the same sex at every opportunity.
57. You know how to match.
58. You know how to fold clothes.
59. No one is afraid of you when you walk down a dark alley at night.
60. Just talking about it makes you feel better.
61. Prince William is now single.
62. You never have to worry that the kid isn’t really yours.
63. No one thinks it’s weird if you squeal or make noises instead of words.
64. The idea of a man servant really appeals to you.
65. You will never be drafted.
66. No one secretly wonders how big you really are.
67. You support world peace.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

And the sugar kicks in....

Here I am, it's about 2 am, I've had a busy day- By all rights I should be knocked out stone cold by now...

And yet I cant bloody sleep.

Insomnia is just plain cruel. My internal clock is all messed up now, and I swear I'm becoming delirious- on top of all my normal problems & ailments.
THIS IS NOT FUNNY! Its becoming pathetic. And sad. And annoying.

And oh my god, I don't even want to think of what's going to happen in the morning.

Jeez, I'm losing it. I live in a zombie-like state by day & waste my time browsing mindlessly on the Net by night. I snap at my best friends, I'm irritable, I'm unreasonable, I'm incorrigible, I'm horrible by day.

Oh God, what's happening to me? I wasn't like before. I was a total morning person before. & I used to knock out completely by about 10 every night.
I was happier, brighter, perkier, more patient & overall nicer before....

Before what, exactly? Not before moving here. Not before I met...

Oh. Okay. Yeah, I know whats keeping me up. What's tormenting me so much. What's completely shook up my life.

Love. Bloody, stinking love. The best & worst thing that could happen to anyone like me.
Bloody fucking cruel, insufferable, annoying, wonderful love.

Fuck. This just got more complicated.