Thursday, January 20, 2011


Symptoms: Intense paranoia, acute discomfort in the presence of other human beings, an omnipresent sense of trepidation, etc.

Firsthand experience: "Of late, all I've wanted to do when faced with a group of people is burst into tears and run to the safety of the library. I blame it on the crippling effect of adolescent conspiracies and the not-so-discreet whispering of those who get a kick out of the misery of others."

Antisocialitis is like necrotizing fasciitis (i.e. flesh-eating disease). It eats away at you. And they both end with -itis.

Lack of trust is an obvious factor. Trust is an elusive, cheating bastard. I so badly want to kick his ass.

Totally disjointed post, I know. Just wanted to write something that wasn't about The Handmaids Tale. I so badly want to go all Terry Jones on this book.


Black Rose said...

I wanna squish you. In a good homely (non-lesbo) way :)

I lau you and I'll kick trust to the curb any day with you. SNUG all the way, yo!


Love you!

Ps: my word verification is "deblesse". It sounds like something a whispery-(the non-sanitary way - wait, they can totally be sanitary napkins for all I care)-conspiring-misery-junkies would get sick over, green and mucous-y.

PPS: Sorry for the mental imagery.

_outofmymind said...

my darlingz hubby~

I know just what will cheer you up! Check your FB inbox babez!
It will ROCK your WORLD!
(It being the links)
Click them.
You know you WANT to!


Chavie said...

Yeah, trust really can be a bastard. Especially when it screws you over and over again... but sometimes being alone makes you a better, more wholesome person/prevents you from going totally insane. I guess in the end it's just finding that balance man, like you can't live life all isolated, but that doesn't mean you have to be a social butterfly either. :)

Hang in there. x

Angel said...

The Handmaid's tale? I was feeling iffy for absolutely ages after reading that...

Has the -itis settled a bit now?

lady grouch-a-lot said...

I'm pretty sure I suffer from this very awkward disease. Sigh....... :(